When a marriage ends, the division of property and equalization is typically a major stumbling block. You need an experienced and reputable family law firm to stand beside you and fight for your fair share of the properties.

When a marriage ends, property acquired during the marriage, that still exists at separation, must be divided fairly between the spouses. Payment that may be owed to one of the spouses in order to realize this sharing is called an equalization payment, or an equalization of net family property. Any increase in the value of the property needs to be accounted for and must be shared.

The division of property and the equalization of any assets for married couples can seem like an intimidating and potentially unpleasant experience. Each side may have an emotionally-charged opinion of what they deserve and what the other party does not.

In some cases, former spouses cannot agree on who should retain, own and live in the family home that was jointly acquired during (or before) the marriage. Having children can complicate this matter further. Meeting with a family law lawyer will help determine the ideal solution for you and your family.

For the reasons above, you will need to work with a family law firm that knows property law inside and out, with a proven history of favourable outcomes for their clients. Our firm can show you exactly what you’re legally entitled to and defend to ensure that you receive it.

If you need a family lawyer and wish to discuss property or equalization issues from your marriage, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Common Law Property Issues

If your common law relationship is coming to an end, you may be confused about the legal ramifications. Your current knowledge may be a mix of hearsay and misinformation of how Marriage Laws apply to Common Law relationships. We are here to make sense of it all.

If you live in a common law relationship, you do not have the same legal rights to sharing and dividing assets as a married couple. You do have similar rights to child support, spousal support and child custody. However, in any case, it is perceived quite differently

Things can become complicated when it comes to a common law couple parting ways. This is particularly true when they both had a financial claim in property, home, or business. It becomes a matter of each party trying to prove what they have invested. In a perfect world, determining who owns or has the right to certain property would be straightforward. In common law relationships, however, it’s seldom so simple.

This is when you need to speak with a family lawyer to discuss your situation and options. We have a proven record of cases dealing with property issues for common law couples, and working towards favourable outcomes for our clients.

We’ve seen cases where both parties almost refuse to work with one another after a volatile separation. Our staff of seasoned family lawyers are able to connect with our clients and reach an amicable settlement.

We handle this settlement regardless of how challenging the situation could be. Contact us If you need a family lawyer and want to talk about your property issues from a common law relationship.